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【This is all you need!】?Cleaning Supplies that Real Housekeepers Love? Part 1


Hi everyone, this is Pinay housekeeping service training team.
Well, today we have a beginner`s Lesson for those of you who do not enjoy cleaning as much.

?Our Housekeepers` recommendation, Very Basic Cleaning Items?

One day you decide to clean your entire place. `Well, I have an entire day to do this`
then, the next minutes, you realize that you do not have any detergent or wipes…
`So, what am I supposed to use?`
Have you ever thought of it?
We do get a lot of question regarding cleaning supplies.

Let us introduce you some essential items. We broke them down into different areas.

Let`s get started.

1, Kitchen

Kitchen is the most important part in your household.
This is where we cook the food that keep us healthy in our every day life.
That`s why our staff start cleaning this part first.
Below are some of the products.
Magiclean for the greasey parts and Kabi Killer for molds…

Dish detergent and tooth brushes..
and then the Kitchen Haiter.
The main problem of the kitchen area is the grease.
You can eliminate the odor of your food waste inside the sink area with this product.

Do you guys remember the Detergent Brush that we introduced you in our precious entry?
You can use that product here as well!


2, Toilet


We did explain the procedure in our older post, but as we all know, toilet is not a pleasant place to clean.
(old post:Professional technique vol. 5?cleaning the toilet?:
And, when we don`t maintain it well, it will keep getting worse and worse and eventually you don`t event want to
clean at all anymore…
To avoid that, try to get these 2 at least.


These 2 are very well known already.
Toilet Quickle and Toilet Magiclean.
These 2 can fulfill our basic needs.
We suggest that you keep them in the corner.


3, Shower Room


Lastly, let`s speak about cleaning the shower room.
We clean the shower room after cleaning everything else, which means we are going to be getting rid of the
cleaning cloth that we have been using all day after cleaning this part.
The Magiclean series will help you cleaning this area as well, but the trick is to use Quickle Wiper.
We know that a lot of you will climb up on the bath tub to reach the ceiling,
but it is very dangerous. Let`s not harm ourselves.
You can set the wipe or washing cloth on the Quickle Wiper.
You will be able to reach the ceiling without putting yourself in danger.

How did you all like the lesson of this week?
We will lecture you about the Living room and the Bedroom next time.

We look forward to seeing you guys soon!



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