Hello everyone, this is Pinay housekeeping service training team.


From this week,we introduce cleaning technique used by our housekeeper every Friday.



Let’s try it out at your house.


Today, we are going to introduce this!




This is “Diamond puff” that was a hot topic for a while on the internet.


It is abrasive includes diamond grain, and mainly best to rub the hard water stain.


You may know its effect if you have used it, it amazingly rubs the stain.




<How to Use>
1. moisten the part you want to clean on the mirror.

2. moisten the “Diamond puff(or synthetic diamond abrasive)” itself and rub the stain softly

3. continue to rub the stain until the feeling of asperity disappears.

4. wash the mirror and wipe it off


and then…









oh wow!!



You must be surprised like this.



It is very hard to rub the stein which is left over many years, so you might have to change the



However, “Diamond puff” can solve this problem!


You can purchase “Diamond puff(or synthetic diamond abrasive)” at 100 yen shop called

“Can☆Do” in Tokyo.



You must get it when you have a problem about hard stain.


Pinay housekeeping service training team