Hello everyone, this is Pinay housekeeping service training team.

We introduce cleaning technique used by our housekeeper in practice every Friday.


Today, we are going to introduce a tip which makes sink or faucet look brand new!


Prepare a toothpaste and toothbrush


toothpaste  toothbrush


Prepare a toothbrush that doesn’t need anymore.


Put toothpaste on the toothbrush.




Brush your teeth… oops, just kidding, brush a part looks dirty.


and then…


IMG_0449-225x300  IMG_1136-225x300

↓                      ↓

IMG_2854-225x300  IMG_2853-225x300



Wow! How clean is this!


These just two items can make it really clean. If you couldn’t purchase “Diamond puff” that we introduced last week or you woud like to clean easily, we recommend this method.


However, this method has a fault that the smell of toothpaste might keep on it.

So when you try it out, make sure you use a good fragrant toothpaste or an affordable amount.


Pinay housekeeping service training team