Pinay Housekeeping service Lite” is a convenient plan for those who do not need constant help for all of the housework but looking for housekeeping services on once a week basis. The 2 hours service provides housework which you usually can not spend much time such as tidying up the bathroom, toilet, kitchen, living room and changing sheets, etc. We will keep your spare key and provide cleaning service while you are not home so you will have a relaxing time in clean and tidy rooms when coming back home.

Details of 2hour service.

The services offered are specified by Pinay International., LTD.
※If you need to customize service details, we recommend our regular plan of Pinay Housekeeping service.

※We provide cleaning in order of 1 to 5. In case the cleaning is not completed in 2 hours depending on the condition of the rooms, the service can be stopped at the moment.

※Please stay home on the first cleaning day. From the 2nd time on, the cleaning service will be provided while you are not home. Please hand the spare key to our staff in charge.

Upon applying for "Pinay Housekeeping service LITE”, your agreement on following statements is required.

1. “Pinay Housekeeping service Lite” will be provided on the day which we designate from Monday to Friday. The work time will be 2 hours in between 9am to 8pm.
※Please be noted that you can submit your desired date by filling out the online registration form but we may not be able to meet your expectations.

2. Please stay home on the first day of the cleaning service. From the 2nd cleaning on, we will provide cleaning while you are not home, so please hand over the spare key to our staff in charge.

3. You must select and purchase the cleaning tools upon using this service. We will bring these cleaning tools on our first visit.

4. This service will be operated basically when you are not home. Please hand over the spare key to our staff in charge on the first cleaning day. In case you do not have the key ready on the first cleaning day, please send us by mail or so.

5. We clean within the bounds of common sense. We may not be able to clean ventilating fan and those parts which is remarkably dirty.

6. Basically, the same staff will provide cleaning service on the same day every week. However, the staff may change after certain period of time. When we change the staff, we will make sure to get the handover done properly and take special care not to have the details of cleaning widely different .

7. The cleaning service will be provided for 2 hours each time. We may not be able to complete cleaning within the time frame. In this case, we will set priorities and provide cleaning in the order of basic cleaning, bathroom, washstand, kitchen and then toilet. (In case you are at home and able to give guidance, you may change the priorities.)

Package A 10,000 yen (including tax)

These products cover most of tools that are needed for common cleaning.

【This package is great for…】
・All people who do not clean often.
・Those who just moved and do not have enough cleaning tools.

Microfiber cloth /Cloth wipe/ Garbage bags/Handy wiper/Clean wiper(body)/Clean wiper(wet)/Clean wiper(dry)/Korokoro(Sticky roller)/dish soap/dish sponge/kitchen scourer/grease removal spray/bathroom cleaner/bathtub cleaning brush/Bathroom sponge/mold killer spray/toilet brush/toilet wipes/toilet cleaning spray/toothbrushes/melamine sponges

Package B

These covers most of the tools that tends to run short often.
. This package is suitable for those who are busy and do not have much time for cleaning and to make up for deficiency of frequently used cleaning tools.

【This package is great for…】
・Those who constantly clean but not thoroughly.
・Those who have basic cleaning tools but do not have time to refill when the tools run short.

Microfiber cloth / Cloth wipe/ Garbage bags/Handy wiper/Clean wiper(body)/Clean wiper(wet)/Clean wiper(dry)/grease removal spray/mold killer spray/toothbrushes/melamine sponges

Package C

These are the tools that help to clean in more detail as additional tools. This package is recommended for those who already have enough cleaning tools but expect to reduce trouble to buy spares when running short.

【This package is great for…】
・Those who clean on a regular basis.
・Those who have basic cleaning tools.

Microfiber cloth/Garbage bags/mold killer/tooth brushes/melamine sponges

Correspondence by texts or voice chat through LINE@ is available regarding inquiry about “Pinay Housekeeping Service Lite”

Reception hours: Monday to Friday 9am to 6pm

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