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  • Professional Technique vol. 15〜How To Clean the Air Cleaner〜

Professional Technique vol. 15〜How To Clean the Air Cleaner〜

Hello! This is Pinay Housekeeping Service Training Team.
We are officially in the middle of the rainy season here in Tokyo.
We cannot help but realize the moldy/sweaty smell inside the packed train on the way to work.

Times like this is when we use the air cleaner more often, but do you really know
the function of air cleaner?

【1】The Function of Air Cleaner

The system of air cleaner is pretty similar to the one of A.C. or fan.
There is a fan inside which will pull the air into the filter, and the filter will push out the clean
air once the air is clean.

Have you ever smelled mold even though you have the air cleaner on?

What’s causing the smell might be the air cleaner itself!
We suppose that a lot of people do not know how to clean air cleaners.
We will explain how in 4 easy steps!

【1】Take Off the Filter

taking off the filter
Suppose that you have been using your air cleaner for a while but you have never cleaned it since
you have started using it.
The back of the air cleaner must be dusty. Let’s wipe the dust off with a tissue or a wipe.

【2】Clean the Black Filter

taking off the black filter

As shown in the picture, take off the black filter.
don't wash the filter
It says on the filter itself, but this black filter cannot be washed.
Let’s clean the surface with vacuum cleaner.


【3】Clean Deodorizing Filter

This thin black filter is called the ‘deodorizing filter’.
Let’s vacuum this first and wash the whole thing afterwards.

【4】Clean the Other Areas

If your cleaner also functions as a humidifier, make sure that you clean it with a neutral detergent
once in a while.
It also is important to wipe off the dust and dirt.
You need to clean the cover frequently to maintain cleanliness.
Having a air cleaner does not mean anything if the machine self is dirty.
It could be spreading different types of germs and toxins all over your house.
Do not be lazy and try to clean it every month to maintain your house clean!


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