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Message from our users.

    • My husband and I are both working and we have to take care of small kids, so driven every day!

      Ms. Miki age.35 Chiyoda-ku Family: she, her husband in his 30’s and 2children. Usage:once/2weks

      Details of prices

      Details of prices

      ■I shouldn’t have worried about having a foreigner housekeeper.

      I’ve seen the TV-show about Filipina housekeepers, and I wanted to give it a try. To be honest, I was anxious a little, but the devoted attitude of my staff ‘Ms S ‘cleared it all! She keeps comfortable distance and I can ask her with ease. I think it’s the advantage of having services by foreigners.

    • It was hard to keep the large house of 3-generations clean.

      Ms. Yukie age.39 Ota-ku Family: she, her husband, 1child, and her parents in-law Usage:once/week

      Details of prices

      Details of prices

      ■Her cleaning task is amazing!

      I knew that Filipina staffs live in Japan for long, so I don’t really worried about cultural and custom difference including language problem such as her understanding of my order. Most of the thing, her technical skill is truly perfect! At the end of the first day, I offered her my hand out of the impression!

    • I’m busy with running my company

      Mr.Yohei age.35 Shibuya-ku Bachelor living by himself Usage:once/week

      Details of prices

      Details of prices

      ■My living dramatically changed for the better!

      It’s surprising how much my life changed! I’m single so I have to do housework by myself. I kept telling myself that my room is messy because I am busy…But since I had housekeeping services, I care about a little more to keep it tidy, and my room is always neat and clean! I can enjoy extra time for work and private. It’s great time-saving and I appreciate it!

    • Managing both baby-care and housekeeping is a big issue for women!

      Ms. Chika age.30 Mitaka-shi Family: she, her husband and 1 baby Usage:once/month

      Details of prices

      Details of prices

      ■I really want to have a service every week!

      My baby is just born; I’m on a childcare-leave now. My husband comes back home late, and my day is all about nursing my baby. I can’t take care of my house, so I tried a housekeeping service. The cost of once a month is not cheap for us, but it really works and I’m so surprised.

    • My two children both became independent; I want to have more time to devote to my hobbies.

      Ms. Reiko age.60 Meguro-ku Family: she and her husband in his 60’s Usage:2/month

      Details of prices

      Details of prices

      ■It’s easier to ask foreigners than to Japanese.

      Japanese housekeepers could be as old as us from my experience. One friend of mine had a Filipina housekeeper and said “you can order choirs in a business manner.” As it was said, they are very to ask job, and we are able to have smooth relationships with them in a good way.

    • I wanted a Filipina housekeeper for a longtime!

      Ms. Yuko age.43 Minato-ku Family: she and her husband in his 40’s Usage:2/week

      Details of prices

      Details of prices

      ■I had heard reputations.

      I have many friends who have contracts with Filipina housekeepers and they say the service is great! I wanted to have one for my own for long but personal contract doesn’t come with any insurance and guarantee, that keeps me wondering. I tested trial campaign and impressed! Now I have regular services. They do have the best hospitality for sure!

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