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Preventive Measures Against COVID-19

We prioritize our client’s safety as much as our employee’s to proceed with our business.


We have been stepping up our measures against the virus and will obey the measures from Japanese or Tokyo government accordingly.


Preventive Measures

Wearing of face masks and alcohol disinfection

We wear face masks in any occasions as well as disinfect our hands with alcohol spray.
※ After consideration, we do not wear plastic gloves, but disposable gloves.



Washing hands and gargling

We always wash hands and gargle before and after work.

So will we after we come back from shopping or picking up your kids.



Coughing Manner Guidelines*1

We always follow the guidelines from Japanese government.


Take temperature on a daily basis

We take our temperature every morning and if it reaches 37.5 Celsius or higher,the company will suspend the housekeeper’s working schedule immediately.


Three Cs Guidelines *2 

According to the guidelines, we always avoid going to crowded places and having

any direct contact with other people within a close distance like handshaking.


Living Environment for Housekeepers 

Pinay housekeepers will follow the preventive measures in their accommodations. In addition to the measures, they will disinfect their rooms with alcohol spray as well as ventilate rooms regularly.

Furthermore, housekeepers are obligated to inform the company immediately under the following circumstances.


 ・Housekeepers or their share mates are confirmed infected.

 ・Housekeepers or their share mates are diagnosed with an infection or are in contact with *3 (see below) or with those who are infected over the past 10 days.

 ・Housekeepers are confirmed to have entered and departed from abroad or are diagnosed with any symptoms after the contact with those from abroad.

 ・Other than the above, housekeepers with any suspicious symptoms.


■ Request to Clients

We will request you to follow the preventive measures for our safety.


 ・Clients follow the preventive measures firmly.

 ・If clients themselves or their family members are diagnosed with an infection or are in contact with *3 (see below) or with those who are infected over the past 10 days, you will contact designated medical institutes immediately.

 ・Regardless of whether you have the Corona virus infection or not, if you feel sick, please go and see the doctor immediately.

 ・If you or your family members are infected or suspect that you have an infection, you will refrain from using our service.

 ・To reduce the risk of infecting your pets, you will put them in a cage or room during our service.


We appreciate your cooperation and understanding.




*3 Please see the following cases of those who are infected or are in contact with the infected:


 ・Those who have had either direct or indirect contact with those who are suspicious of infection, such as in an airplane and a car.

 ・Those who were involved in nursing or daycare service with those who are suspicious of infection.

 ・Those who have had any possibility of contact with water or blood from those who are suspicious of infection.

 ・Those who have had any direct contact with the infected people within a close distance, such as handshaking.


COVID-19-associated manuscripts accepted for publication in the Japanese Journal of Infectious Diseases(2020年4月20日暫定版)


We will take sufficient measures to protect our clients and housekeepers in accordance with Japanese government’s announcements.

Thank you so much for your understanding.



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