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Cleaning Equipment List

List of necessary cleaning tools
Housekeeping is basically done using the cleaning tools in the customer's house.
Please prepare various cleaning tools in advance so Housekeeping staff can clean efficiently within the time.

This page introduces samples of cleaning tools that you should have before using the housekeeping service.
* We do not recommend products from specific manufacturers.

List of cleaning tools you should prepare

Cleaning tools for kitchen

  • MUST

    Kitchen detergent

    It is used to clean the dishes, pots and pans.

  • MUST

    Oil stain detergent

    Mainly used for sticky oil stains on stoves and ventilation fans.

  • MUST

    Kitchen bleach

    It is used to remove mold and slime from sinks and triangular corners.

  • MUST

    Baking soda soap

    It mainly removes oil stains and sebum stains around the kitchen. It is environmentally friendly and does not pollute drainage.

  • MUST


    Remove scale around the sink. We recommend the one with the lowest possible polishing rate as it may damage the sink.



    We recommend that you prepare three types for hygiene. For tableware, frying pans, pots, and sinks. In particular, it is more hygienic to separate tableware and sinks.


    Kitchen paper

    Convenient for quick wiping and fine polishing.

Cleaning tools for bathroom and toilet

  • MUST

    Bath detergent

    Used for cleaning bathtubs and tiles.

  • MUST

    Mold killer

    The bathroom is especially prone to mold. Removes red and black mold.

  • MUST

    Bathtub sponge

    Used for cleaning the bathtub. We do not recommend brushes as items may be scratched.

  • MUST

    Mold prevention water absorption cloth

    It is used to remove water droplets that cause mold in the bathroom and washbasin.

  • MUST

    Toilet detergent

    Used for cleaning the toilet bowl.

  • MUST

    Disposable sheet

    Used for cleaning the toilet seat and around the toilet.


    Citric acid spray

    Removes scale from faucets and mirrors. Like baking soda, it is made from natural materials, so it is environmentally friendly and does not pollute waste water.

Things to use for room cleaning

  • MUST

    Microfiber cleaning cloth

    It is a finer rag than a normal rag. Even a 100-yen shop has a sufficient effect, so it is convenient to have about 10 to 20 pieces.

  • MUST

    Vacuum cleaner

    We recommend the cyclone type, which is easier to maintain and requires less time to replace the filter, than the paper pack type.

  • MUST

    Carpet cleaner

    Very useful for removing mats, rugs and other small debris and dust.


    Floor wiper

    If the floor area is large, the wiper will shorten the working hours and be efficient.


    Wiper sheet (dry)

    Used as the final finishing touch to cleaning the floor. It is recommended to choose one with a good adsorption rate of hair and dust.


    Wiper sheet (wet)

    Use after vacuuming. Ideal for cleaning beds and under sofas where the vacuum cleaner head does not fit.


    Handy mop

    Dust removal speed is dramatically increased. The type that expands and contracts is convenient.


    MY PET

    A spray-type detergent that can be used in a wide range of applications such as floors, furniture, and lighting. In addition, since it has been confirmed that the virus is inactivated, it can be expected to have a sterilizing effect.



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