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Cleaning Equipment List
With our hygienic measures, please buy the following equipment to keep frequently-used areas clean.

The equipment will be kept in a designated area for housekeepers and will also be mandatory to provide and maintain our high quality of service.
※ The equipment is examples of commonly-used items and we are not recommending particular brands for your purchase.

Cleaning Equipment List


  • Necessary

    Dish Detergent

    Cost-effective and commonly-used for oily dishes and greasy pans.

  • Necessary

    Oil-and-Grease-Specialized Detergent

    Effective for removing dirt and oil spots.

  • Necessary

    Kitchen Bleach

    This is mainly used inside the kitchen drainage to disinfect germs.

  • Necessary

    Baking Soda Spray

    Baking soda is popular for eco-conscious clients. Alkaline baking soda neutralizes acid oil spots and it is not harmful to your body.

  • Necessary


    Cleanser is often involved in polishing stainless materials that makes a large difference in brightness. Please make sure your cleanser does not damage your kitchen equipment.

  • Necessary

    Sponge or scrub

    Preparing several sponges used differently is preferable. We recommend you to buy 3 sponges; one for washing dishes and cutleries, one for pans and pots and one for cleaning kitchen sink.

  • Useful

    Kitchen Towel

    Commonly used in our client’s house. Many clients prefer it rather than cloths in terms of hygienic measures.

Bathroom/ Toilet

  • Necessary

    Detergent Spray for Bathroom

    This is one of over-the-counter brands and commonly used.

  • Necessary

    Bleach Spray

    Spray-type bleach can form bubbles to be dispersed and that sticks to molds effectively compared to other bottle types of bleach.

  • Necessary

    Sponge or Scrub for Bathroom

    We recommend you to buy regular sponge as in the picture. Stick-shaped brush may damage your floor.

  • Necessary

    Water-Absorbing Cloth

    This brand absorbs water effectively and helps prevent mold. It is easily dry and lasts for a long time.

  • Necessary

    Detergent for Toilet Bowls

    This brand is commonly used. The spray-type can form bubbles to be dispersed and that stick to molds effectively.

  • Necessary

    Disposable/ Flushable Wipe

    Quickle brand is popular in Japan and convenient in terms of hygienic measures.

  • Useful

    Citric Acid Spray

    The acid spray neutralizes alkaline water spots and it is not harmful to your body.

Living room / Bedroom/ Kids room

  • Necessary

    Microfiber Towel

    Compared to fabric towels, microfiber towels are more commonly used as they leave no lint after wiping the areas.

  • Necessary

    Vacuum Cleaner

    Modern cyclone system vacuum cleaners such as Dyson are preferable. It is convenient to clean its filters.

  • Necessary

    Sticky dust rollers

    Sticky dust rollers are often used to collect finely-textured and powdered materials such as hairs and widely used among living rooms and bedrooms.

  • Useful

    Extendable Floor Mop

    Quickle Wiper, an extendable mop brand is well known in Japan. You can replace its mop head with a new disposable sheet and adjust length of the mop handle.

  • Useful

    Disposable Dry-Type sheet

    This Quickle brand disposable sheet is attached on the Quickle Wiper mop. You only need to throw the sheets away after cleaning.

  • Useful

    Disposable Wet-Type sheet

    The Quickle brand wet sheets will wipe off stains and sticky dirt easily. You only need to throw them away after cleaning.

  • Useful

    Handheld mop

    This is easy to carry and often used to wipe sensitive materials such as picture frames on the table.

  • Useful

    Polish spray

    This is commonly used to polish floor, lighting as well as furniture. Polish spray will show off your areas brightly.

Cleaning Equipment Set

If you don’t have time to buy the equipment, click below and order our set of cleaning equipment.

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