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    • My husband and I both work as well as take care of small kids. So hectic!

      Miki) Family in Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo: her husband in his 30’s and 2 children. Service Plan: once every 2 weeks

      Details of prices

      Details of prices

      I shouldn’t have worried about having a foreigner housekeeper.

      I watched a TV-show about Filipina housekeepers and I wanted to try. To be honest, I was a little anxious about the quality of service. But Pinay not only provided us with such a good fit but also went beyond our expectations! Our housekeeper was so approachable and so nice to my kids as well.

    • It was hard to tidy up the large house for our family of 3 generations.

      Yukie) Family in Ota-ku, Tokyo: her husband, 1 child and her parents in-law. Service Plan: once a week

      Details of prices

      Details of prices

      Her cleaning skills are amazing!

      I already knew that Filipina housekeepers are common outside Japan, but I’ve never tried their services. We had an opportunity to use Pinay Housekeeping Service through the Internet. Though I was curious about how my parents-in-law and son would feel about them, the housekeepers treat them in a friendly manner so I have more free time for my own activities nowadays.

    • I’m busy running my company.

      Yohei) Shibuya-ku Bachelor living by himself.Service Plan: once a week

      Details of prices

      Details of prices

      ◼My life style dramatically changed for the better!

      It was surprising to see how much my life changed after using Pinay Housekeeping Service! I’m single so I had to do all the housework by myself. I kept putting off cleaning my room because I was busy…But since I had housekeeping services, the Pinay housekeeper allowed me to focus on my business. I enjoy the extra time for leisure and I live a more enriching lifestyle now!

    • Managing both childcare and housekeeping is a big issue for women!

      Chika) Family in Mitaka-shi,Tokyo: her husband and a baby. Service Plan: once a month

      Details of prices

      Details of prices

      ■I am already planning to have housekeeping services every week!

      I had to take care of so many things at home when i was on maternity leave. My husband came home late and my whole day was spent taking care of him and my baby. It was tiring and depressing. I thought depending on housekeeping services was embarrassing because tradition told me that the role of the mother was to do everything in the house without any help. It was a big deal to call Pinay, but they persuaded me to give them a try and they reminded me of what I deserve!

    • My two children both became independent; I want to have more time to devote to my hobbies.

      Reiko) Family in Meguro-ku, Tokyo: lives with her husband in his 60’s Service Plan: Twice per month

      Details of prices

      Details of prices

      It’s nice to get some extra help!

      My husband and I are getting into our old age. Our children live away from us, so we need occasional help. The housekeeper was efficient, hospitable and attentive to our needs. She helped us with chores that we normally couldn’t do ourselves. Now, we have more free time. I’m glad we found Pinay Housekeeping Service!

    • I wanted a Filipina housekeeper for a longtime!

      Yuko) Family in Minato-ku, Tokyo: lives with her husband in his 40’s Usage: Twice a week

      Details of prices

      Details of prices

      I had heard about their good reputation.

      I have many friends who have had Filipina housekeepers and they say the service was great! I wanted to have one for my own for a long time but I was a little worried. One day, Pinay was offering a free 2-hour cleaning service, so I signed up for the trial campaign and was impressed! Now I have regular housekeeping services. They do have the best hospitality for sure!




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