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Local information in Ota

The location

The ward was founded on March 15, 1947 merging the old wards of Ōmori and Kamata.

Haneda Airport, now the main domestic airport for the Greater Tokyo Area, was first established as Haneda Airfield in 1931 in the town of Haneda, Ebara District of Tokyo Prefecture. In 1945, it became Haneda Army Air Base under the control of the United States Army. In the same year, the Occupation ordered the expansion of the airport, evicting people from the surroundings on 48 hours’ notice. With the end of the occupation, the Americans returned part of the facility to Japanese control in 1952, completing the return in 1958. Haneda Airport in Ōta was the major international airport for Tokyo, and handled traffic for the 1964 Tokyo Olympics.




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Customer Reviews

Tokyo Ota

We are working parents with little kids and have no time for cleaning in detail. It’s been 1 year since we bought a new house. Now we see stubborn molds on the floor of our shower room and sticky oil stains on kitchen stove, so I decided to use Pinay housekeeping service.
Service in use

Regular Plan

When to use


FamilyTime usedFrequency of useAssessmentServices
self-employment3hourOnce a weekkitchen,bathroom,toilet,wash,vacuuming, wiping floor and windows



Thank you very much for your continued use of our housekeeping services.


Tokyo Ota

I had some barrier to outsourcing the housekeeper because house work is something that I can do also. However, my choice was right that housekeeper is wise enough to manage her work well so I didn’t have any trouble because there’s no need to give her directions.
Service in use

Regular Plan

When to use


FamilyTime usedFrequency of useAssessmentServices
Family4hourTwice a weekkitchen,bathroom,toilet,wash,vacuuming, wiping floor and windows



It is indeed a pleasure for us to hear your comments or reply. We will strive to fulfill your needs by providing the best cleaning service.


Tokyo Ota

She cleaned our shower room throughly. I was impressed that she could remove stains on the floor that I couldn’t do. She also clean the ceiling and detailed parts that I can’t usually do. Thanks to her.

Service in use

Regular Plan

When to use


FamilyTime usedFrequency of useAssessmentServices
Living together2houronce a weekkitchen,bathroom,toilet,wash,vacuuming, wiping floor and windows



Thank you very much for sending your remarks. We will try to best satisfy your requests.


Ota City Service Area

Omori Heiwajima Showajima Sanno Higashimagome Minamimagome Nakamagome Nishimagome Kitamagome Chuo Ikegami Keihinjima Tokai Jonanjima Higashiminemachi Nishiminemachi Kitaminemachi Denenchofuminami Denenechofuhoncho Denenchofu Yukigayaotsukamachi Unoki Chidori Minamikugahara Kugahara Minamisenzoku Kitasenzoku Ishikawacho Nakaikegami Higashiyukigaya Minamiyukigaya Kamiikedai Omoriminami Higashikoujiya Nishikoujiya Kitakoujiya Hanedaasahicho Haneda Honhaneda Hanedakuko Haginaka Higashirokugou Nishirokugou Minamirokugou Nakarokugou Chidori Shimomaruko Yaguchi Higashiyaguchi Tamagawa Higashikamata Minamikamata Nishikamata Kamata Kamatahoncho Shinkamata


Tokyo Service Area

Chiyoda Chuo Minato Shinjuku Bunkyo Taito Sumida Koto Shinagawa
Meguro Ota Setagaya Shibuya Nakano Suginami
Toshima Kita Arakawa Itabashi Adachi Katsushika Edogawa Nerima


Tokyo City

Musashino Mitaka Chofu Komae Fuchu Kunitachi Kokubunji
Tachikawa Koganei Kodaira Nishitokyo Machida Tama Inagi


Kanagawa Service Area

Yokohama City : Naka Minami Nishi Midori Aoba Kohoku Asahi
Kanagawa Tsurumi Tsuduki Hodogaya Izumi
Isogo Kanazawa Konan Sakae Seya Totsuka

Kawasaki City:Kawasaki Takatsu Saiwai Aso
Nakahara Miyamae Tama




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