• Q.
    What kind of service can I have?
    Our staff will go to your house to provide housekeeping and chore, using your detergents and tools. Minimum order: 2 hours. Extension will be charged by per hour.
  • Q.
    Can I have service in my area?
    We provide services in the Metropolitan Area; Tokyo, Kanagawa, Chiba, and Saitama. However, we may not be able to dispatch our staff in some area. For details, please call 0120-989-033.
  • Q.
    How will I decide operations and services?
    Before the first service, we will have a meeting at your home or have time to listen to your details.Please let us know you and your family’s situation and needs. We can arrange suitable plan for you. Feel free to ask questions even if you haven’t made up your mind. You may ask our concierge to change operations after agreements.
    ※Visiting your house is necessary to ensure places we can’t touch if there is any and how much service we can provide in 2 hours; it depends on size, condition, and tools.
  • Q.
    Can I change operations afterwards?
    You may rearrange contents after the first meeting and agreements. Please ask our manager.

Before Services

  • Q.
    How we get housekeeping service?
    • First, let us know your situation in detail on telephone.↓
    • Second, our concierge will visit your house for a meeting to get to know your problems and needs.ensure necessary tools and detergents, and how much operations can be done in 2 hours.↓
    • Third, on first day of service, our concierge will attend our staff and verify operations.
  • Q.
    Can I have service on the day I ask?
    We need to estimate and arrange staff in advance. Please consult us first.
  • Q.
    Can I have service just one time?
    Yes, we provide spot service, too. Price differs from regular service,please refer to the price list here.
  • Q.
    Why do you recommend regular housekeeping?
    housekeeping substitute is a service which helps your everyday housework; different from housecleaning service that is supposed to get off accumulated dirt. It’s better to have housekeeping service in a cycle to reduce your duty.

Risk Management

  • Q.
    Can I ask any housekeeping duty?
    Basically, we try to fulfill your demands as much as we can, but some operations with risk or possibility of risk, and/or professional duty. Examples are as follows:
    • carrying heavy load(s)
    • operations at a high place
    • cooking?(※in some cases, we may be able to provide; please ask)
    • driving
    • nursing
    • taking a person to hospitals and so on.
    • walking pets
    • baby-sitting
    If you want to know more,please ask us at the time of a meeting.
  • Q.
    Is it OK to have a pet at home?
    We may ask to move your pet(s) to finish operations smoothly.
  • Q.
    Will you use my detergents and tools?
    Yes, we will use those of your own.
  • Q.
    Can I have service when I’m not home?
    Yes, we keep your key with care, or let us know how our staff can take your key.
  • Q.
    Can I ask your staff the detailed way?
    Yes, please give us instruction of your way and demands.
  • Q.
    What if something in my house is damaged?
    We are on property insurance, please don’t worry.


  • Q.
    Will you take garbage away?
    We are very sorry, but our staff is not able to take away. We can help you separate.
  • Q.
    Can I have services on weekends and at night?
    Pease have a consultation and estimation first. Our service is basically daytime of weekdays.

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