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Pinay Housekeeping service’s Privacy Policy

Pinay International., Ltd fully understands the importance of protecting personal Information, and observe all applicable laws and regulations relating to privacy Protection.

  • ■ Definition of personal information
    The term personal information shall mean information about a living individual Which can identify the specific individual by name, date of birth or other description contained in such information (including such information as will allow easy reference to other information and will thereby enable the identification of the specific individual)

  • ■ Collecting personal information
    We will inform you about the purposes and uses prior to the collection of your personal information and when we obtain personal data from customers, we clearly indicate in advance the purpose of use and to which third party we disclose.
    The personal the personal information after obtaining customer’s consent.

  • ■ Using personal information
    We collect personal information from our customers for following purposes:
    • To provide company services
    • For the management of payments
    • To provide information about company services
    • For products development and quality improvement
    • For other proper usage (We will not use personal information for other purposed without consent.)

  • ■ Management of personal information
    We manage all personal information in a proper manner in principal. Otherwise stipulated by laws, to prevent unauthorized access, loss, alternation , leakage, Damage or loss , and to ensure the safety and accuracy of personal information Acquired. We appoint supervisors in every section handling personal information, And the supervisors undertake the necessary and appropriate measures to protect And use personal information in a proper manner.

  • ■ Non-disclosure to third parties
    Without consent of individual, we will not provide personal information to ant third party, except for cases permitted under the related laws or regulations.

  • ■ Inquiries from customers
    We will properly respond to requests from individual regarding handling of personal information such as to review, correct , and stop receiving services after confirming their identity in proper way to prevent information leakage by dishonest request for disclosure.

  • ■ In-company training and management system
    We will develop and manage the personal information protection guideline and continuously conduct employee training.

  • ■ Our staff who provide the service
    All of our staff must meet at least all of following conditions in accordance with our recruitment standards.
    • Staff who take our training.
    • Staff who received the appropriate work performance within designated period of time.
    • Staff who submitted a document which is verify a person’s identihication.
    • Staff who submitted non-disclosure agreement.


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