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Housekeeping Service Guidelines

A variety of service plans will fit your needs.

As well as regular monthly plan, one-time and occasional help will also be available.

About Pinay Housekeeping Service

High Quality of Cleaning skill×
Sophisticated Hospitality
Client’s Satisfaction

Pinay Housekeeping Service is the pioneer of housekeeping company that specializes in providing
ONLY Filipina Housekeepers in Japan.

The Philippines is known as a major country that provides skilled housekeepers as a national industry.
Pinay Housekeeping Service will strive to enhance the well-being of people and enrich your lifestyle.

Safety and securityinitiatives

Privacy and Confidentiality

We will provide you highly qualified housekeepers based on a well-managed training program and all staff follow our privacy and confidentiality policy.

Warranty Policy

Property damage during cleaning service will be covered by damage insurance up to 50 million Japanese yen according to the company regulations.



1. Top Quality of Customer Service


With full support training based on a well-managed program in the Philippines and Japan, it will perfectly fit your preferences.They are experienced in Japanese customs and the latest cleaning equipment.All Pinay housekeepers are selected based on our evaluation criteria and capable of speaking Japanese and English.


2. Providing ONLY Filipina Housekeepers


Philippines is internationally recognized for a high-level of English-speaking country.We will also help you create an English-speaking environment in terms of English education for kids.


3. Broad-Ranging Service Options


Various service plans will fit your needs.As well as regular plans, one-time and occasional help will also be available.In Regular plans, you can fully customize the frequency, hours and types of service.Depositing your key is also available while you are not at home.


Daily Cleaning
bathroom, kitchen, toilet, vacuuming, wiping floor and windows, taking care of gardens.
Water-Related Areas
We can wash, hang, fold and iron your clothes.
We can organize items in your rooms and clothes in your closet.
Run Errands
We can help you shop and accept deliveries in your home.

Services that Are Unavailable


technical cleaning(inside the air conditioner and fan,waxing),nursing care,baby-sitting,carpentry work,pruning tree,telephone operation,massage,money transaction,driving vehicle,hazardous activity,high-place work,taking pets outside for walk.



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