We would like to intoroduce you
to the contents of our housekeeping services.

Usual Cleaning
Usual Cleaning

Vacuuming and wiping floor,
cleaning windows, kitchen, bathroom, toilet,
and taking care of garden.

  • vacuumvacuum
  • wiping windowswiping windows
  • taking care of gardentaking care of garden

And more!
weeding, collecting fallen leaves,
separating and putting out garbage,
separating magazine and/or newspaper and so on

Putting in Order
Putting in Order

Putting and rearrange small things, documents,
clothes and so on.
Changing clothes for seasons
is also available.

  • tidy uptidy up
  • folding thingsfolding things
  • storing things instoring things in

And more!
Redecoration of rooms, rearrange shoes box and closet.


Operations include washing, hanging,
folding, ironing, and storing.

  • washingwashing
  • hanginghanging
  • ironingironing
  • bed-makingbed-making

And more!
taking and putting laundries in order,
drying futon in the sun and so on.

run errands
Run Errands

Our stuff will go for grocery shopping
and complete payment for you.

  • grocery shoppinggrocery shopping
  • taking courier servicestaking courier services
  • posting lettersposting letters

And more!
taking clothes to cleaners, some procedures and so on.

Point to notice

Point to Notice
  • nursing elderly and patient
  • carpentry repair
  • pruning of plants
  • answering phone
  • massage
  • carrying cash and wiring money
  • driving
  • negotiation with others
  • guard ( taking and picking up)
  • guard (patrols)
  • operation with risk(heavy duty)
  • operation at a high place
  • walking large-breed dog and unique animals such as monkey, reptiles

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