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Chuo City has been flourishing as a center of culture,commerce and information since the Edo Period.As a city with a long history, it has many places where things originated.



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Customer Reviews

Tokyo Chuo

I became sick and were not able to do a house work all by myself so I started use Pinay’s housekeeper. She helped me a lot with her thorough and speedy cleaning skill. Thanks to Pinay that my dirty kitchen now became very clean and I can cook comfortably.
Service in use

Regular Plan

When to use


FamilyTime usedFrequency of useAssessmentServices
self-employment3hourOnce a weekkitchen,bathroom,toilet,wash,vacuuming, wiping floor and windows



Thank you very much for your continued use of our housekeeping services.


Tokyo Chuo

The Pinay housekeeper cleaned our kitchen, shower room and bathroom and all became really clean which cannot be compared to them before cleaning. I was impressed that the stubborn oil dirt was completely removed in kitchen. Pinay’s service is worth the price.
Service in use

Regular Plan

When to use


FamilyTime usedFrequency of useAssessmentServices
Family3hourOnce a weekkitchen,bathroom,toilet,wash,vacuuming, wiping floor and windows



It is indeed a pleasure for us to hear your comments or reply. We will strive to fulfill your needs by providing the best cleaning service.


Tokyo Chuo

I requested cleaning and washing. She moved fast but cleaned thoroughly. It was good that she was a sensible person and very easy to talk to. I was so satisfied that she cleaned thoroughly and all sticky dirt and dusts on every corner disappeared.

Service in use

Regular Plan

When to use


FamilyTime usedFrequency of useAssessmentServices
Living together3houronce a weekkitchen,bathroom,toilet,wash,vacuuming, wiping floor and windows



Thank you very much for sending your remarks. We will try to best satisfy your requests.


Chuo City Service Area

Akashicho Irifune Kachidoki Kyobashi Ginza Shinkawa Shintomi Tsukiji Tsukishima Tsukuda Toyomicho Nihonbashi Nihonbashiodenmacho Nihonbashikakigaracho Nihonbashikawaracho Nihonbashikayabacho Nihonbashikoamicho Nihonbashikodenmacho Nihonbashikobunacho Nihonbashitomisawacho Nihonbashinakasu Nihonbashiningyocho Nihonbashibakurocho Nihonbashihakozakicho Nihonbashihamacho Nihonbashihisamatsucho Nihonbashihoridomecho Nihonbashihongokucho Nihonbashihoncho Nihonbashimuromachi Nihonbashiyokoyamacho Hacchobori Harumi Higashinihonbashi Minato Yaesu


Tokyo City

Musashino Mitaka Chofu Komae Fuchu Kunitachi Kokubunji
Tachikawa Koganei Kodaira Nishitokyo Machida Tama Inagi


Kanagawa Service Area

Yokohama City : Naka Minami Nishi Midori Aoba Kohoku Asahi
Kanagawa Tsurumi Tsuduki Hodogaya Izumi
Isogo Kanazawa Konan Sakae Seya Totsuka

Kawasaki City:Kawasaki Takatsu Saiwai Aso
Nakahara Miyamae Tama




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