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Staff Training

Strict hiring condition

All staff need to have a guarantor and documents as following.

  • ・Contract of employment
  • ・Fidelity bond
  • ・Identification card(copy)
  • ・Identification card of guarantor(copy)
  • ・Promissory letter of management of key
  • ・Non disclosure agreement
  • ・Promissory letter of management of privacy information

Thorough management of personal information and confidential privacy

All our Pinay workers are obligated to sign and seal NDA and promissory letter of management of privacy information. Workers are educated about management of privacy information through guidance after recruitment and periodic training. Workers are strictly prohibited to use or disclose to third party privacy information and confidential information of customers except providing service. In case any staff violated contracts as mentioned above, we will claim the staff damage, and we exert ourselves on your behalf. Our regulations are thorough to protect your privacy.

Periodic training, attaining certificates, and sharing knowledge

Our training is separated into two kinds. Staffs only who have completed certain hours of curriculum, lecture by experienced trainers and a text will visit your home. Staff has been trained by original program and evaluated by technical test; they have clear and high standard.

At manner training, staffs are thoroughly educated about fundamental knowledge, management of personal information, non disclosure matter of privacy, and so on. Filipina is gifted with great hospitality “OMOTENASHI”, they are heartful helper you can ask chores with ease.



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