Philippine and Housekeeping Services


Philippine and Housekeeping Services

Overwhelming ability of Filipina housekeepers

It’s commonly known that Filipina housekeeping is the highest quality. Here are the the clear reasons of their quality and hospitality with their backgrounds. There are many reasons for them to be chosen!


Impression of Users

Filipina housekeepers have an established reputation with their cordial service and care; they provide each customer fine service. Here are3 customers who use our services very often.
  • I had employed a Filipina housekeeper before I came to Japan. It wasn’t intentional, but the market of Filipina housekeepers is fully matured. In Japan, I look for a Filipina housekeeper for sure. I am so satisfied with their superior hospitality and service.

  • I don’t think I can let some not well-trained housekeeper come in my house and do some housework. I knew that Filipina housekeeper is a global standard but not common here in Japan. I wanted technical skill as well as their authentic hospitality. They are just what I expected!

  • One of My family’s big demands is that she can speak English. Because I want her to talk with my children. Well, it’s hard to tell what you really want to say in a foreign language. There are not so many housekeepers with the ability of speaking both Japanese and English!

  • We can communicate both in English and Japanese.
  • They treat my precious things with care.
  • Their identities are established.
  • They went through professional training.
  • Furthermore, their hospitality is great!

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